Russia Holds Dress Rehearsal for Annual Military Parade

Russia Holds Dress Rehearsal for Annual Military Parade. War or no war, the annual victory parade in Moscow that marks the end of World War II in Europe continues.


Russian media reported that approximately 40 kilometres southwest of the Russian capital, 11,000 soldiers, more than 130 military vehicles, 62 planes and 15 helicopters held a dress rehearsal.

May 9 marks the 77th anniversary of the Soviet-Russian victory over the German Third Reich (1933-1945) in a battle known in Russia as the Great Patriotic War. The first major victory parade was in June 1945 and lasted more than two hours with 40,000 soldiers as participants.

Russia attacked neighbouring Ukraine on February 24, and the attack seems to have made little headway since then. However, much Ukrainian military infrastructure has been destroyed, and a large area between the Dnieper River and the Sea of Azov has been taken. But a key target in southeastern Ukraine, the port city of Mariupol, is still being fought over.

Last week’s sinking of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet was a mental setback for Russia. Nevertheless, the Kremlin hopes for a major victory before May 9. During the dress rehearsal, eight Mig-29 fighter planes flew over the training ground in a formation depicting the letter z, the symbol used by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. It stands for “za pobedu”, in Russian “for victory”.

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