Putin Wants to Better Arm Russia Against Cyberattacks

Russia needs to protect itself against cyber attacks. These have increased since the country invaded neighbouring Ukraine. Putin prefers to do this with local technology, although there is little choice.


President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that a multitude of cyber-attacks has been carried out on state structures since the start of the military incursion into Ukraine. There have been reports of data thefts in recent weeks, but sometimes a hacked website is also used to display information that is censored for Russians or not mentioned on state media.

At the same time, he wants Russia to become less technologically dependent on foreign software and hardware. The question is whether this is a voluntary or forced choice. Since the invasion, several technology companies have left the country. Local departments are closed or sold and the supply of IT equipment from the West has come to an almost complete standstill.

In recent years, Russia has already taken steps to make its internet facilities less dependent on foreign networks. Since March, it has only used Russian DNS providers.

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