Prince Harry is Furious and Wants an Apology from the Royal Family About Anniversary

Britain’s Prince Harry is likely to feel “absolutely furious” over the Queen’s anniversary. That is what his biographer tells the British tabloids. According to her, the prince would also like an apology.


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle were the big absentees during the anniversary of the British Queen Elizabeth II. They were hardly ever officially invited on any occasion and therefore made only one public display.

Angela Levin, the biographer who spent a year with Harry, says the prince likely feels he deserves an apology for being largely ignored during the four-day festivities. According to her, the prince is “absolutely furious.”

The biographer says it became clear to her during the special celebration at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday. Harry and Meghan were present and according to the biographer, Harry was visibly angry. “I think it’s very interesting – he could have felt anything. I don’t know if he had any feelings about what he gave up,” she told British tabloids. “I think he would have been very, very angry that he was largely ignored. He still feels he owes an apology.”

According to the expert, Harry and Meghan would also have wanted an official photo of the meeting between the Queen and their one-year-old daughter Lilibet. The palace would have rejected that request. Palace insiders feared that those photos would be sold to TV channels in the US or appear in Harry’s upcoming memoir.

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