Navalni Was Counting on Arrest and Already Had A Plan in Place

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalvi and his supporters had foreseen his arrest and made a plan.


The opposition wants to pressure the Kremlin to release Navalny by organizing protests, says a key ally of the arrested politician.

The well-known Kremlin critic recently returned to his homeland from Germany. Authorities arrested him at an airport in Moscow. Naval is at odds with the Russian justice for several reasons and is now in an infamous prison.

Allies of Navalny, who was poisoned last year and then recovered in Germany, hope that Russians will take to the streets en masse on Saturday to demand his release.

Ally Leonid Volkov said that if enough people take part in demonstrations, the authorities expected to go to their knees. “We know the Kremlin fears mass protests,” said the opposition member.

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