Meghan Must Drop Parts of the Tabloid Case From the Judge

Even before the real lawsuit against the British tabloids has started, Meghan, the wife of British Prince Harry, has already suffered defeat.


On Friday, the judge ordered the Duchess of Sussex to drop three strands of her charges because they are unfounded, Sky News reported.

The whole thing revolves around the publication of five articles about a letter from Meghan to her father Thomas Markle in 2019.

Meghan sued the tabloids Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday for saying that she knows the letter against the rules inside and outside her published.

According to Meghan, parts of the letter were also purposely edited.

Associated Newspapers, which owns the tabloids, asked the judge last week if some parts of Meghan’s charges could be dropped in the real case.

For example, the company claimed that Meghan’s claims that the newspapers acted “unfairly” and “showed inappropriate behaviour” are false.

According to Judge Mark Warby, parts of Meghan’s claim were not at the heart of the matter. According to him, it is purely about the publication of the five articles based on the letter that Meghan sent to her father in August 2018.

The judge did judge that the dropped parts of Meghan’s case can be dealt with at a later stage if they are legally proven to be well-founded.

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