Many Kentucky Survivors are Left Empty-Handed

After the devastating tornadoes in the US state of Kentucky, the impact on survivors is becoming increasingly apparent. They sometimes have hardly any possessions left, reports CNN.


The storm caused unprecedented havoc in parts of the US on Friday and Saturday. The mayor of Dawson Springs, Kentucky, estimates that about 75 percent of the site has been wiped out. There, about a third of the approximately 2,500 inhabitants lived below the poverty line. They are often not insured either. According to local authorities, houses that are still standing are likely to be without power for another month.

Tornadoes hit eight states and killed 88 people. Most deaths occurred in Kentucky. There, Governor Andy Beshear said the houses were sometimes completely swept away. “People, animals, the rest. All gone.” His wife Britainy collects toys for affected children, and emergency shelters have been set up for homeless families.

“I don’t know if some people will ever fully recover from this,” Kentucky Senate politician Whitney Westerfield told the news channel. “Certainly not emotionally or psychologically. Homes and buildings may eventually be restored, but events like this will haunt communities and families for a long time to come.”

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