Macron Wants to Industrialize France Green with High-Tech

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to pump 30 billion euros into projects to “reindustrialize” France with state-of-the-art technology. Thus, France must once again become a great nation of innovation and focus on future technology.


The country should become Europe’s leading high-tech nation and be able to compete with China and the US, according to the president.

Macron addressed approximately two hundred entrepreneurs and students in his Elysée Palace. In April, there are presidential elections in France. Parliamentary elections will follow shortly afterwards.

The extra money will be used to finance “the champions of the future” in five years’ time. Macron is thinking aloud about more efficient use of nuclear energy and the switch to sustainable energy. France, for example, could also develop a new aircraft that produces hardly any emissions. According to Macron, his country can already have a leading position in the use of green energy by 2030, partly thanks to nuclear energy.

The French economy has been hit hard by corona measures, and Macron wants to compensate for the lack of growth with new investments. According to him, the country can then immediately find a way, together with Europe, to more independence from its own industry. For many essential parts, it is now dependent on the economic giant China, among others.

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