Macron: The Relationship Between Citizens and Police Must Be Better

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to see if the conditions can be improved under which agents have to do their work.


The relationship amongst police officers and citizens will also be discussed during consultation rounds to be held early next year, Reuters news agency reports. That quotes from a letter from Macron sent to a police union.

During these consultations, topics such as the training of officers and the relationship with the population are on the agenda.

Macron writes to the SGP Police FO association that it is necessary to increase trust between citizens and the police. He also says that agents should be given the resources to live up to the expectations of their countrymen.

In France this month there has been a widespread demonstration against a new security law that is in the making. Dozens of police were wounded in clashes with protesters last Sunday.

Among other things, the legislation restricts the distribution of images of officers. According to critics, this makes it more challenging to bring up abuses.

Last month, great outrage arose in France because of the mistreatment of a black music producer. It was filmed how officers beat the man.

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