Johnson: Too Early for Parliamentary Inquiry into Party Gate

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson thinks it is too early for a parliamentary inquiry into him over ‘party gate’. First, the police investigation must be completed; he said during a working visit to India.


The House of Commons will vote on Thursday to investigate Johnson’s alleged deception over the scandal surrounding government employees’ parties during lockdowns. There is a good chance that the proposal, an initiative of the opposition Labor party, will not pass. For this, many members of Johnson’s party, which has a large majority in the House of Commons, have to turn against their leader.

Some of the ‘party gate’ allegations are under investigation by police. Dozens of fines have already been handed out in the ongoing investigation, including Prime Minister and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Johnson has apologized but says he has not deliberately misled parliament and has no intention of resigning.

Should the bill pass, a committee of seven MPs will investigate and recommend sanctions such as an apology, suspension or even removal of Johnson from the House of Commons.

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