Google Adjusts Cookie Policy After Record Fine

The French data protection authority fined Google 150 million euros in January for its cookie policy. The American internet giant is now announcing a new policy whereby European users can refuse cookies with one click.


Cookies are small data packets that allow companies to track what users do online. They are used, among other things, for personalized advertising.

Cookies are often denounced for violating the privacy of surfers. The French data protection authority condemned Google earlier this year because it was impossible to refuse cookies as easily as accept them.

“We’ve completely overhauled our cookie wall,” Google said in a blog post. ‘Internet users in Europe will be able to refuse cookies with one click.’

The application will initially be launched in France, particularly for the YouTube platform. Afterwards, the intention is to extend the cookie policy to all platforms of the European Union, Iceland, Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

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