IOC Offers Japan Medical Assistance for Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee is offering Japan additional medical personnel to assist during the Tokyo Olympics, which start in two months. With this, the IOC wants to relieve the pressure on the Japanese healthcare system, says chairman Thomas Bach.

The Games’ host country is suffering from a new wave of corona infections, and the call among the population to cancel the Games is growing louder. The union of Japanese doctors recently urged the government to cancel the sporting event. According to the doctors, it is terrible and irresponsible to hold the Games throughout the pandemic. They distress that the hospitals will not be able to grip the pressure.

Bach reiterated on Wednesday that the Games in Tokyo and the Paralympic Games would be safe for everyone, both for the athletes and the Japanese community. The German said 80 percent of the athletes and escorts who come to Tokyo would be vaccinated. The medical staff provided by the IOC can help implement the measures taken in the Olympic Village and match facilities to ward off the virus.

“The main principle is apparent: the Olympic Village is a safe place, and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be organized safely,” said President Bach during a video call. “At the moment, 75 percent of the future residents of the Olympic village have already been vaccinated or vaccinated in time for the Games. We have good reason to believe that this figure will be above 80 percent when the Games begin.”

Bach did not say how many doctors and nurses the IOC is offering for the extra support, but chief Seiko Hashimoto of the Tokyo Games organizing committee was grateful. She was also pleased with the high vaccination coverage among the participants. “That will certainly contribute to keeping us safe at the Games.” In Japan, vaccination is getting off to a plodding start.

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