Hundreds of Migratory Birds Crash into New York Skyscrapers

Bird conservationists have picked up 226 birds around the One World Trade Center alone. In addition, 77 animals survived the impact and were taken to a rescue centre for care.


According to experts, a strong headwind would make the birds fly lower than in previous years. As a result, during the day, they can’t see the mirrored glass well, and at night they get confused by the lighting in the buildings.

The sidewalk around the One World Trade Center was littered with dead birds. A volunteer from the bird protection reports on Twitter that she has already collected 226 copies in an hour. At least 77 living animals were also said to have been taken to a shelter for care.

Birds often fly against the high buildings in the American metropolis, but never as massively as this year. According to experts, this is due to the strong headwinds that the birds will contend with this year. As a result, they fly lower and are surprised by the reflective glass of the skyscrapers.

At night, the lighting in the buildings also plays a role. The birds orient themselves by the light of the moon and stars, but because many of the buildings are lit up at night, they get confused. Therefore, New York’s bird protection agency is calling on companies to turn off the lights in their offices at night.

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