Gartner: Stress Causes Extra Turnover in Security

According to the research firm, stress will cause nearly half of the cybersecurity leaders to change jobs by 2025.

“Cybersecurity professionals are facing unsustainable stress levels,” said Deepti Gopal, director analyst at Gartner. “CISOs have to defend a company, with the only possible outcome being whether or not they will be hacked. The psychological impact of this directly influences the quality of decisions and the performance of leaders.’

This makes talent turnover a significant threat to security teams. Gartner research shows that companies that focus their security programs on compliance offer little support to their employees and have little digital maturity have more turnover.

This is especially true in the security sector, where an acute shortage ensures that employees quickly find a company that appreciates them. By 2025, stress would cause about half of security leaders to change jobs, and a quarter would change jobs. ‘Burnout and voluntary turnover are the consequences of a bad organizational culture,’ says Gopal.

“While eliminating stress is an unrealistic goal, people can handle incredibly challenging and stressful jobs in cultures where they are supported.”

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