Ex-Corona Fire Ischgl in Austria Opens Ski Season in the Middle of Lockdown

The ski season is open in the former corona fire hearth of Ischgl, a well-known Austrian winter sports resort. But due to a strict lockdown of the catering industry, you can forget about après-ski in this Tyrolean Ibiza.


The ski lifts started on under a radiant sun and with a fresh layer of snow. According to an operator, there were ten times fewer skiers on the road than would normally be the case in these excellent weather conditions. And they were almost exclusively Austrians from the area.

Ischgl was world news at the beginning of last year when tourists infected with corona spread from here over many European countries, including the Netherlands. Lawsuits are still pending because authorities have not responded adequately.

After its inglorious celebrity as a corona hotspot, Ischgl has taken strict security measures. The elevator cabins are regularly disinfected. Vaccinated or cured persons may only use the lifts. That is checked twice. In addition, a ban on alcohol in public had already been announced before the latest lockdown.

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