British Company Demonstrates Humanoid Robot With Lifelike Facial Expressions

The English designer and manufacturer of humanoid robots, Engineered Arts, introduces a robot that makes lifelike facial expressions.


Before you jump into an uneasy cramp: Ameca – as the robot is called – is above all a development platform and a showcase of what is technologically possible. You can bump into them at an event or see them trot along at a conference: exactly the goal Engineered Arts has in mind. For example, at the CES in Las Vegas, Ameca will be on display.

Engineered Arts previously designed the Mesmer and RobotThespian robots. What sets Ameca apart are the lifelike facial expressions the robot can make.

Ameca builds on Mesmer technology and, in addition to being a remarkable showcase, is also a development platform. The intention is that the hardware and the operating system will be linked to the cloud and that all kinds of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will be released.

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