European Union Puts Millions of Jobs in the Aviation Sector At Risk

The European Union (EU) is putting millions of jobs at risk because no proper agreements have been made to coordinate international air traffic.


This is what the international trade association IATA says in response to the agreements made by the EU ministers of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg.

EU Member States report to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) every week how many new infections have been detected, how many corona tests have been administered and how many of them were positive.

ECDC has set standards for subsequently colouring regions green, orange or red. In this way, people who travel there know how much danger they are.

But whether travellers have to undergo a corona test or quarantine, for example, remains up to the Member States themselves. The European member states disagreed on this.

For example, a country with many outbreaks and little test material is dependent on a completely different approach than a country that does not have to worry about it. IATA calls the EU agreements “a political failure”.

Airlines are still “burning” tens of billions of euros in the second half of this year due to the corona crisis. According to IATA, in the last six months of the year, it is expected that $ 77 billion more will flow out of the cashier than is coming in.

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