Ericsson and Google to Collaborate on 5G

Google and Ericsson will jointly develop solutions around 5G. It previously concluded such an agreement with Nokia.


The intention is for both players to work together in D-15 Labs, Ericsson’s California innovation centre, where technology is developed and tested on a live 5G platform. Ericsson 5G is on Anthos, Google’s application platform.

There is also a pilot project on enterprise applications on edge on a live network with the Italian provider TIM as part of the collaboration. In addition, functions of the core 5G network and cloud-based applications are automated.

It is no surprise that cloud players and telecom manufacturers are working together. Due to the arrival of 5G, both are increasingly seeking to approach each other for the various applications of 5G. For example, for the automation of the network, but also new applications for consumers or companies.

At the beginning of this year, Google already announced a similar partnership with Nokia. Shortly afterwards, Nokia also launched a partnership with AWS.

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