Companies Find Out How Much CO2 Google Emits for Them

Companies that purchase business services such as Gmail and Docs from Google will soon be able to find out how much CO2 the American company emits for them.


At the beginning of next year, the cloud branch of Google wants to make that information available to customers. They can then provide better insight into their CO2 footprint and take measures to reduce it.

Cloud services are driven by large data centres, which are known to be very energy-intensive. However, individual customers of Google services only use it to a small extent and have no idea how much CO2 they use as a result. With the new data, they will. Google then provides a statement for both its own emissions and the greenhouse gases produced by the tech company’s suppliers.

Google also says that its data centres are among the most energy-efficient in the world. The American company does not want to emit any more CO2 by 2030. The company already uses renewable energy for its own operations.

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