Chinese Ministry of Education Wants to Make Boys More Masculine

A new directive from the ministry of education wants to introduce extra physical education classes for boys at school. They must prevent Chinese boys from becoming “too feminine”.


It mainly rained down negative reactions on social media.

It is the English language Chinese online magazine Sixth Tone that came across a curious document on the Chinese government’s website.

In it, the Ministry of Education announced a series of measures “to prevent the feminization of men and adolescents”, a problem raised at the session of the People’s Congress. The measures are part of the construction of a “healthy and strong China”.

The Ministry of Education is calling for more intensive physical education and sports lessons and better teachers’ recruitment. They could be recruited among retired athletes or football professionals, for example.

But a study is also announced into the extent to which young people are influenced by celebrities and “influencers” on social media.

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