British Government Starts Quarantine Hotels: Up to 10 Years in Prison for Cheaters

To prevent new corona variants from entering the country, the British government is introducing the system of quarantine hotels today.

Britons and Irish and anyone living in the UK have to go there for 10 days when they return from 33 high-risk countries. Penalties for avoiding quarantine or falsifying forms run high. But the opposition does not call the system watertight.

Nearly 5,000 rooms in 16 hotels and a further 58,000 rooms on standby. With this, the British government wants to stop the arrival of new corona variants from risk areas. “We must continue with our travel restrictions,” said Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

The quarantine hotels plan has been around for a month and a half but is only being implemented. Much too late, says the opposition Labor party, which also finds the system not watertight.

British, Irish, and people residing in the UK are taken straight to such a quarantine hotel when they arrive at an airport from 1 of 33 countries on the red list. Check-in should be quick there, and they should stay there for ten days at their own expense. A corona test is taken on day two and day ten. It would cost travellers around 2,000 euros on lodging and meals.

Usually, it concerns travellers from South Africa, Brazil, Portugal and other countries in Africa and Asia where the infection peak, especially with the more contagious variants.

Travellers must pre-book a quarantined hotel through a government website, and they must complete a form (PLF or Passenger Locator Form). Those who circumvent the new rules can be fined many thousands of euros. Someone who lies on their form even risks a prison sentence of up to ten years.

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