Bouterse Hopes for A Good Outcome in the December Murders Criminal Case

The Surinamese former army leader and ex-president Desi Bouterse hopes that the lawsuit about his involvement in the murder of fifteen political opponents in December 1982 will end well.


He said that Friday when he walked to court in Paramaribo, assisted by a small group of supporters.

In May 2019, the Surinamese court-martial sentenced Bouterse to 20 years in prison for his involvement in the murder of his opponents.

In contrast to the previous session where Bouterse made an extensive statement, the ex-president did not speak this time. It was the so-called military auditor and Bouterse’s lawyer who gave their view on the case.

According to the defender, the Surinamese court-martial was not authorized in May 2017 to repeal the controversial Amnesty Act, making it possible to prosecute Bouterse. There are also alleged mistakes in the summons, according to the council.

The case continues on February 26. Bouterse will also have to be present then, according to the instructions of the president of the court-martial. Bouterse was convicted in 2019 of the murder of the opponents of the military regime in 1982. He was then army leader.

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