Biden: Mladic Verdict Strengthens Fight Against Atrocities

US President Biden calls the confirmation of the life sentence for Bosnian Serb war criminal Ratko Mladic a historical judgment.


It shows that those who commit heinous crimes will be held accountable, Biden said in a statement. “It also reinforces our shared determination to prevent future atrocities anywhere in the world.”

Biden recalls that nearly 26 years ago, Mladic ordered the execution of some 8,000 unarmed men and boys in Srebrenica. He also led the brutal, years-long siege of Sarajevo and was responsible for many other crimes, the president said.

His life sentence for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes was upheld on appeal earlier Tuesday.

“Justice and reconciliation are the foundation for peace and stability in the future, and today’s decision is also a necessary confirmation that this is possible.

I sincerely hope that leaders in the region will respect this judgment,” Biden continued. He also expresses the hope that the judgment will bring some comfort to all those who mourn Mladic’s victims.

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