Apple is Aiming for Launch of AirPower Wireless Charging Station

Apple is Aiming for Launch of AirPower Wireless Charging Station. Apple would like to launch AirPower, the charging station that allows Apple products to be recharged wirelessly, on the market in September, said by Express Paper.


Apple engineers earlier hoped that the charging station would be on the market in June, says Bloomberg from anonymous initiates. Apple has so far not disclosed anything about when AirPower is on the market, except that the company is looking for 2018.

According to Bloomberg, the delay of several months is due to problems that make the charging station too hot. The complexity of the product would also present a challenge. Apple wants multiple Apple products to be charged simultaneously on the charging mat, no matter where the product is at the station. Besides, Apple would have problems with the software that can be found in AirPower.

Currently only the iPhone 8, iPhone X and the smartwatch support Apple Watch wireless charging. Apple also wants to release a box for its wireless earplugs AirPods that can be charged wirelessly.

According to Bloomberg sources, Apple wants to eventually remove the charging port, which makes the phone’s cabled charged quan, from its iPhone. Smartphones from the manufacturer have not had a headphone connection since the iPhone 7 presented in 2016.

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