Almost all Fires in Turkey Under Control, Fire Also Haunts Greece and Italy

Almost all forest fires in Turkey are now under control. According to a government spokesman, thousands of firefighters were able to contain 122 of the 129 fires in 35 provinces.


The fires, which have been raging since Wednesday, have claimed eight lives so far. Forest fires also ravage Greece and Italy.

The fires that have not yet been contained are hazardous in the towns of Bodrum, Marmaris and Manavgat on the south coast. Many people have to be evacuated there, including by sea. About 180 people have been injured so far.

Thousands of firefighters are working to fight the fire. Drones and 45 fire fighting helicopters are also being deployed. However, the Turkish government has been criticized for not having fire-fighting planes that can spread more water over a wider area. Russia, Iran, Ukraine and Azerbaijan are helping with fire-fighting planes, among other things. Turkey is said to have declined an offer from Israel to help.

The EU also came to the rescue and sent three fire-fighting planes, one from Croatia and two from Spain. In addition, Turkey itself has asked for assistance. The country is a member of the European Civil Protection Mechanism.

When a country can no longer cope with an emergency, it can ask for help there. “The EU stands in solidarity with Turkey,” said Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarčič. “And we are ready if more help is needed.”

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