70,000 Extra Vaccinations in Belgium Due to Precise Syringes

Belgian healthcare providers can vaccinate many more people against the coronavirus thanks to very accurate syringes.


Although a vial of the Pfizer vaccine is suitable for five injections according to the package insert, according to local media in Belgium, it is possible in almost all cases to get a sixth dose from the vial.

Belgium expects 350,000 doses of the corona vaccine this month. Thanks to the hyper-accurate syringes, we are counting on a ‘bonus’ of 70,000 vaccinations.

“We can vaccinate one fifth more people,” says Roel Van Giel, chairman of the Domus Medica GP association.

“Our government has bought perfect syringes. Due to the shape, hardly any liquid remains”, says Thomas De Rijdt of the pharmacy at UZ Leuven.

“We are currently using them, but what if we don’t have them tomorrow? I don’t think that we will be able to use this type throughout the vaccination campaign. The whole world wants them. “

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