WHO Special Envoy Predicts End of Pandemic: Three Difficult Months with Hurdles, But the End is in Sight

Three more difficult months, and we will be out of the pandemic. David Nabarro, the special envoy of the World Health Organization (WHO), makes that prediction at Sky News. “The end is near.”


It is the question that everyone wants an answer to right now: when will we get rid of that annoying coronavirus? WHO Special Envoy David Nabarro predicts Sky news. “I’m afraid we’re running the marathon, but we’re not there yet. The end is in sight, but we are not there yet. And there will be some hurdles before we get there.”

Those hurdles will include new variants but also local outbreaks. “The virus will continue to evolve,” he says. “We will continue to get additional variants. Moreover, this virus affects the whole world. Healthcare is completely overloaded in many parts of the world.

And unfortunately, we see that there is no support for major restrictions, especially in poor countries. People have to continue to work there, so it is not easy for politicians to impose measures.”

He expects “at least three difficult months” for all these reasons.

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