Visitors are Unexpectedly Stuck in Disney Theme Park in China Due to Corona Infections

In China, the Shanghai Disney Resort amusement park was unexpectedly closed due to the strict preventive corona rules in the country. Visitors cannot leave the theme park and surrounding areas, such as a shopping street.

Shanghai Disney Resort announced at 11:39 a.m. local time Monday that visitors were no longer allowed to enter or leave the grounds. They must all be tested for the coronavirus and not be allowed to go home until they have tested negative. It is unclear how many people are involved and when the park will open again.

According to reports on social media, visitors can still enter attractions. However, according to a spokesperson for the amusement park, there is a “limited offer”, and the corona rules of the health authorities are followed. The amusement park has been working preventively with reduced capacity since Saturday.

Since the start of the corona pandemic, China has applied stringent rules to bring the number of infections to zero. As a result, the million-city Shanghai had to deal with a lockdown for several months earlier this year.

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