Trump Clashes Again With A Journalist: Ask China!

A new day, a new confrontation with the press for Donald Trump. This time, he turned his attention to a CBS journalist who questioned his competitive streak, then left the briefing angrily.


The White House’s daily press release has once again turned into a clash between Trump and a reporter present.

For the occasion, the briefing took place in the rose garden of the official residence, and not in the usual press room.

The US president was flanked by new test material and could not emphasize enough that America is the world leader in testing.

When CBS News journalist Weija Jiang raised the question of why that global competition mattered as thousands of Americans die of the virus every day, Trump reacted in anger.

“People around the world are dying,” he snapped. “That’s not a question you should ask me. Ask China! When you ask them, you might get a strange answer. “

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