Story of Igor Montemor – Transforming Influencers into Celebrities

In today’s digital world, social media has become an integral part of your life. In this era, many people are using social media as a phenomenal tool to make earnings and to become renowned as a social media influencer. Igor Montemor is one of those well-known personalities who have been transforming influencers into celebrities.

Born in Brazil, he moved to Florida when he was just two; due to his father’s job. Yet, during his young age, he used to visit Miami often, where he met with an extensive network of people and exploring the vast opportunities in influencer marketing.

With time, he started taking a keen interest in this business and finally started educating himself with the extensive knowledge and research in social media. With this, he becomes capable of transforming influencers into celebrities through the power of social media.

Taking his call on social media, Igor commented that “In today’s time, social media has no bounds. One can earn millions for a single post, thanks to the digital advancement of brand collaborations.

There was a time when social media was known only for posting updates and was considered as a chatting platform. But with time, things have changed, and soon I feel social media will make every individual self-employed”.

David Beckham’s MLS team Inter Miami CF, Prive Luxury Rentals, and various other renowned brands are the clients of Igor. He is currently running his own venture Connections Collective in Miami, Florida, and serving famous clients across the globe. He believes that knowledge is made for sharing among the people, and that’s what helped him a lot in turning the influencers to renowned figures over the media.

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