Spain Will Lift the Mask Requirement for the Outdoors from June 26

Spain will lift the mask requirement for the outdoors from June 26. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that the obligation will no longer be necessary from next Saturday.


In Spain, strict measures have been in place for a long time to curb the coronavirus, such as the obligation to wear masks in the open air.

Because more and more people have been vaccinated against the virus, the number of infections decreases and measures can be relaxed. Spain has already reopened the catering industry, and people are also limited to events, such as football matches.

With a view to the upcoming holiday season, abolishing the mask requirement seems to be a nice boost for people who want to go to Spain.

Previously, a mandatory negative result of a PCR test for Spain was also abolished, but a negative antigen test or a vaccination certificate is still required.

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