So You Have A Good Wifi Connection Throughout Your House

So you Have a good Wifi Connection throughout your House. Almost every household has one or more places where the Wi-Fi coverage is poor. Fortunately, a solution is now available, said by 99 News.


Since the introduction of WiFi almost 19 years ago, entirely a bit has changed. Almost everyone now has Wi-Fi, and there are now many more devices connected to the internet. Also causes a failure and a smaller range.

Although technology developed rapidly, one factor remained the same: it starts with one router. But from that one place in the house, all rooms and the garden with wifi is often no longer accessible.

The solution
TP-Link, the world’s largest manufacturer of WiFi products, now has a new solution. The system is called deco and does not consist of one but three stylish hotspots the size of a small smoke detector. The deco multiroom Wi-Fi system creates an extensive Wi-Fi network throughout the house with three hotspots and can be developed with more hotspots where necessary.

That is how it works
The boxes communicate with each other and thus determine in a smart way which hotspot you have the best connection. Allows you to stream without interruption throughout your house.

Simpler and safer
You can easily install and manage the system with an app on your phone. The deco app tells you to step by step what you need to do during the installation and can later report changes or new devices on the network as required. Also, deco is provided free of charge with antivirus protection for all devices on your system for the first three years.

Protect your children online
Deco also offers very intuitive parental control. You can indicate which device belongs to which child and choose profiles for it. So you can quickly determine where your child can and can not go, and you have the opportunity to indicate times when you do want to offer internet access and when not. Or you only set a limited number of hours per day.

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