Prince Andrew is Not a Rich Man, So Where Does the Money He Use to Settle the Abuse Case Come From?

In the British press, Prince Andrew’s settlement with Virginia Giuffre, the woman who has accused him of abuse, is big news. Although officially it is not known how much money is involved, 10 to 12 million pounds are circulating.


“Where does that money come from” correspondent Lia van Bekhoven wonders, like many Britons. One thing is sure: Prince Andrew can never come back. “This was almost edged for the royals.”

The news came last night: Britain’s Prince Andrew (61) had settled with Virginia Giuffre (38), the American woman who accused him of sexual abuse when she was a teenager. There were proceedings in the United States to bring Prince Andrew to court there, but the settlement prevented him from the trial.

Financial details of the settlement are not being released. In other words, the amount is not disclosed, but there is much speculation in the British press. 10 to 12 million British pounds are circulating.

The settlement is front-page news for British newspapers. The Guardian gives the floor to a king expert who says that “this has always been the best outcome for the royal family”. The Daily Mail talks about “the Duke’s final humiliation”. “There is no turning back,” the Daily Express reads. According to the Mirror, Andrew was “under intense pressure from above”. “His ultimate disgrace” and “a coward’s way out”, according to The Sun. Finally, the Daily Star summarizes: “The royal pays money to a victim he has never met.”

It’s a settlement, so both sides won and lost on something. “Prince Andrew has not apologized or said he abused Giuffre but acknowledges that she was abused and that it was inappropriate.” “He also transfers a large part of the settlement to Giuffre’s organization, with which she supports victims of abuse. He will probably also pay her lawyers and compensation to her. “It will limit the damage he has done to the royal family, but it will not improve him in terms of status.”

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