No Joint European Approach to British Corona Variant Yet

The EU countries have not yet agreed on joint measures to combat the corona variant that has emerged in the United Kingdom.


However, they have agreed to coordinate their travel restrictions and other measures better says an EU source.

Since the UK government raised the alarm about the new, believed to be a highly contagious variant, many countries have shut down or curtailed traffic to and from the UK.

However, the duration and scope of the restrictions vary considerably. For example, France has also halted freight traffic, while the Netherlands does not want that.

The ‘crisis diplomats’ of the EU countries met on Monday in the hope of further working together. The European Commission will now draw up a list of possible measures as soon as possible and propose which of them the Member States should take together.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, the ambassadors of the EU countries will meet and then perhaps they can discuss this.

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