Nissan has Sued His Former CEO Carlos Ghosn in Japan

Nissan has sued his former top driver Carlos Ghosn in Japan. The car company wants to enforce compensation of more than 90 million dollars from the car-case cases through the court in Yokohama.


According to Nissan, that is a considerable part of the amount that Ghosn, as chairman, would have taken away the company through fraud and mismanagement.

Nissan bases the amount on unauthorised payments that Ghosn would have made. This includes payments to his sister and his lawyer and private use of company aircraft.

Besides, Nissan wants to recover the costs of the internal investigation into the rumbling with the accounting on Ghosn.

Last year, Nissan started a lawsuit against Ghosn in the British Virgin Islands. That process is about payments made through particular letterbox companies.

In addition to Nissan, Japanese prosecutors are also after Ghosn. The driver was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on suspicion of fraud. He awaited his trial for a while in house arrest, but fled the Asian country and turned up in Lebanon.

The Japanese authorities then issued a new arrest warrant against the Frenchman, who also has the Brazilian and Lebanese nationality.

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