More Than 95,000 People Evacuated from Afghanistan

According to the Pentagon, about 95,700 people have been evacuated since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan more than a week and a half ago. On Wednesday, there were 13,400.


Qatar says it has helped more than 40,000 people to leave, and the United Kingdom and Germany have also removed many people from Afghanistan via Kabul airport.

Qatar seems to have helped most people. The state says it has sheltered 40,000 people in Doha. In addition, many other countries flew people from Kabul to Doha so they could continue from there. These evacuations were, therefore, not all done with Qatari aircraft. Qatar has also offered to vaccinate these people against the coronavirus.

The United States does not say exactly how many people they have helped, but it would be 4400 people of American nationality. The country does not say how many people of different nationalities have been helped. The Americans say the evacuations will stop by August 31, and they are currently checking Kabul airport.

The British have evacuated 12,279 people from Kabul, and there are still 400 British people in Afghanistan. The military has not said when it will stop evacuation flights, but the last British soldier must have left the country before the Americans leave.

On Thursday, the German Defense Ministry said it had evacuated 5,347 people. It concerns at least 4200 Afghans and 505 Germans. The Germans want to continue “until the last second”. According to government sources, that is Friday. There are still four German flights from Kabul on Thursday.

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