Microsoft Will Test Games for Accessibility

Microsoft has a new program to make games accessible to people with disabilities. It comes along with new guidelines for accessibility on Xbox.


In the new program, developers can send their games to Microsoft to see if they meet Xbox accessibility guidelines. Gamers test the games with disabilities, among others. It concerns games for both PC and Xbox.

The games also receive feedback and advice from accessibility experts in the program. For example, developers need to understand better why parts of their game can be difficult for people with specific disabilities.

In addition, Xbox is also releasing an update to its accessibility guidelines. This includes advice for inclusive software design, now enhanced with more examples and more explicit language, Microsoft said in a blog post.

Microsoft is one of the tech companies that has focused more on accessibility in recent years. For example, two years ago, it released the Adaptive Controller for the Xbox, made for gamers with disabilities. With this program, the company hopes to make it easier for game publishers to customize their games for a wider audience.

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