Microsoft Rolls Out May 2020 Update for Windows 10

As expected, Microsoft released the May 2020 Update for Windows 10 on Thursday. The latest six-monthly major update to the PC operating system includes bug fixes and several new features.


One of those novelties is that after the update it is both easier and faster to pair Bluetooth devices with your Windows 10 computer.

From now on you can handle this entirely via the notification screen and therefore no longer have to dive into the settings.

Logging in to Windows can now also be a lot faster, thanks to improved support for Windows Hello. That is the biometric way of logging in to the computer system via facial recognition or a fingerprint.

Logging in without a password is faster than ever, according to Microsoft, although it is a feature for which the computer must have the right hardware.

Finally, in Windows 10 it is possible to give your different virtual desktops a unique name, instead of just Desktop 1 and Desktop 2.

For example, name one Office for all office applications, and Fun for all apps related to relaxation.

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