London has Paid First Part of ‘Brexit Note’ of 47.5 Billion

The United Kingdom owes the EU a total of 47.5 billion euros for Brexit, according to a spokesperson for the European Commission, of which Brussels will charge 6.8 billion euros this year.


London already paid the first deposit without discussion last month. The spokesman said he does not indicate that London wants to contest the total amount.

The 47.5 billion euros is more than the British themselves had calculated. The cost of the exit would have been estimated at 41.4 billion euros in London. Much of the amount is for pension and other social obligations for European officials, the committee spokesman said.

The British are allowed to spread the divorce bill over a number of years and pay it monthly. So the bill of 6.8 billion euros has been split in two. The first part went out in April, the second will follow in September. “Until now, what had to be paid has been paid.”

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