Jack Ma Spotted in Public for the First Time in Years in China

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been spotted in China for the first time in a long time. The man attended a school in Hangzhou, local media reported.

For the past three years, 58-year-old Jack Ma has hardly been seen in public. Perhaps that was due to the criticism he expressed in 2020 to the Chinese tax authorities. He then spent more than a year in another country but now seems to have returned. This is reported by South China Morning Post, the newspaper owned by Alibaba.

According to the newspaper, Ma visited friends in Hong Kong and visited the international art exhibition, Art Basel. In addition, he is said to have visited several countries in recent weeks to learn about technology in agriculture and only recently went to the Yungu school in Hangzhou.

In this city, Alibaba’s headquarters are located to discuss the possibilities artificial intelligence offers in education. “ChatGPT and similar technologies are just the beginning of the AI era,” Ma said. “We should use artificial intelligence to solve problems instead of letting them control us.”

Jack Ma was once the wealthiest man in China. Why he has not been seen in public in recent years, the newspaper did not mention.

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