Intel Comes With New 10nm Chips

At CES, Intel announced new processors in the Intel Pentium N series. The company also comes with new chips for professionals and gamers.


During its press conference at the electronics fair CES, Intel will show some new processors in the Jasper Lake series. These are 10nm Pentium Silver chips and Celerons, and they are mainly aimed at school equipment, such as Chromebooks.

It concerns six chips, four quad-cores and two dual-cores, with an improvement in the economy and overall performance over the previous versions of these chips. For professional users (and therefore more expensive laptops) there will be an eleventh generation Core vPro processors, also known as Tiger Lake.

These chips were launched last year for consumers but have been around for professional users and corporate IT networks. The series will receive two new Core i7 chips and two Core i5 chips, built on 10nm Superfin and with Wi-Fi, AI computation and imaging capabilities.

A new Rocket Lake-S processor, an eleventh generation of the Intel Core S series for desktops, would also arrive later this year. It is a 14nm chip with clock speeds of up to 5.3GHz and eight Cypress Cove cores.

We will have to wait until autumn on the Alder Lake twelfth generation. Intel is planning a 10nm SuperFin chip with two different systems on board. One for heavier ‘high performance’ tasks, and one that is more energy-efficient. But that’s not right away.

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