France Could Lose Control of the Coronavirus At Any Time

France may lose control of the distribution of the coronavirus “at any time”.


The French scientific Council of the government is warning about this on Tuesday, now that the number of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care has risen again since April, according to official figures.

In an advisory report to the Paris government, the Council warns “that the virus has been circulating more actively recently.

For example, because it is moving away from less and other measures are being used less” since France emerged from a two-month severe lockdown in May. “The balance is fragile, and we can change course at any time to a less controlled scenario like in Spain.”

The Council warns of a possible “resumption of high-level circulation of the virus” in the fall. According to the Council, maintaining control of the virus is in the hands of the citizens.

They must comply with anti-infection measures, such as keeping a safe distance, washing hands regularly and wearing face masks in public areas.

The health authorities reported on Monday that the number of people in intensive care had increased by thirteen to 384 since Friday. 29 deaths were also reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 30,294.

The country registered thousands of confirmed new infections last week, prompting some cities or regions to impose local restrictions.

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