France Comes with New Corona Measures

The French government will announce new corona measures on Thursday. According to a spokesperson, the preference is to create more awareness about the basic rules and an accelerated vaccination campaign.


Still, stricter enforcement of the use of the corona pass is also being considered.

The decision on the measures will take place on Wednesday, according to French media. The government spokesman says efforts will be made to save the holidays and get the country through the winter as best as possible. The press conference with Health Minister Olivier Véran will take place on Thursday afternoon.

The coronavirus is spreading faster in France. The authorities reported more than 30,000 infections on Tuesday, bringing the daily average over a week back to more than 20,000 for the first time since August.

According to Véran, these figures show that “France is unfortunately in a fifth wave”. In addition, the reproduction number has increased to 1.6. That means that 100 people with the coronavirus infect an average of 160 others.

The vaccination rate in France, according to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), at 69.4 percent of the entire population, is just above the EU average of 65.7 percent.

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