FNV Calls on Uber to Comply With the Collective Labor Agreement

Trade union FNV demands from Uber that the company recognizes that it is an employer and applies the CLA Taxi.


If Uber does not comply with the demands within two weeks, the union will file a lawsuit against the American company.

FNV director Amrit Sewgobind finds it disappointing that Uber has not already taken this step of its own accord.

“We speak daily with drivers who are extremely dependent on Uber, but who have no certainty about work and income. That is a sham construction, and it must come to an end.”

The union also does not understand why the government has not intervened earlier. According to FNV, the cabinet has good options to force Uber to apply the CLA Taxi. The cabinet is working on it, but enforcement and compliance have not yet been achieved.

In the eyes of Sewgobind, however, Uber has all the characteristics of an employer, which means that self-employment would only exist on paper. “The drivers cannot negotiate their rates, and Uber uses all the data it collects about the drivers to manipulate them.”

For example, FNV knows based on conversations with drivers that if they refuse or cancel rides, their rating will go down, and they will then receive even fewer trips.

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