Finland Will First Vaccinate Medical Personnel Against Covid-19

The government of Finland has decided that healthcare providers will be given priority if a corona vaccine is available.


Medical staff who treat corona patients and nursing home staff should be the first to get their turn in January when people are vaccinated against the virus.

The Finnish government proclaimed on Thursday that it has decided on a national vaccination strategy: “Finland’s goal is to shield the entire inhabitants by offering the vaccine free of charge,” said Health and Social Affairs Minister Krista Kiuru.

After the care providers, it is the turn of the elderly and other vulnerable groups. There are no plans yet to vaccinate children against the virus.

Finland will have access to vaccines through a European initiative. The European Commission, the executive committee of the EU, makes deals on behalf of member states about the purchase of drugs against the coronavirus.

Finland would be entitled to 3.6 million doses based on the vaccines already ordered, enough to vaccinate 1.8 of the 5.5 million citizens.

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