Extremely Personal Letters From Princess Diana are Auctioned

The British auction house Lay’s Auctioneers is auctioning personal letters that Princess Diana wrote to friends in the last years of her life.

It concerns 32 letters and cards from Diana, some also written in the period around her divorce from the then Crown Prince Charles.

According to the auction house, the correspondence is “extremely personal”. For example, in one of the letters, Diana apologizes for cancelling an appointment. “It is challenging for me; the pressure is great and comes from all sides.

It is sometimes too hard to keep my head up, and today I am on my knees, and I long for this divorce to be finalized because it costs me a lot,” she wrote in a letter dated April 28, 1996. The divorce was finalized in August of that year.

Diana wrote the letters to her friends Susie and Tarek Kassem. They have always kept them until now, but they do not want to transfer the responsibility of having such documents to their children or grandchildren. Instead, proceeds go to organizations that were important to Diana.

The auction will take place on February 16. Expected proceeds have not been disclosed.

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