Ex-Adviser Says Trump Lies About Capitol Storming: “He Knows Well Enough What Disposable Phones Are”

Did Donald Trump Use Disposable Phones To Confer During The Capitol Storm? The former US president stated that he had never even heard of the so-called burner phones, but that is now being contradicted by his former security adviser John Bolton.


The parliamentary investigation into the storming of the Capitol also scrutinizes Donald Trump’s phone records from that day. It should be noted that the White House log did not record any incoming or outgoing calls between 11:17 a.m. and 6:54 p.m.

That suggests that the former president used other ways to communicate with his advisers. The New York Times previously reported that Trump regularly used devices belonging to his close associates, such as his security personnel. Whether the ex-president may have called with burner phones that day is now also being examined. Conversations with those disposable telephones are untraceable.

A Trump spokesperson stated that the ex-president had nothing to do with the phone records and that he assumed all his phone calls were recorded and saved. Trump himself went a step further: “I have no idea what a burner phone is; I’ve never even heard of that term to my knowledge.”

That claim, meanwhile, has been contradicted by John Bolton, former national security adviser to Trump. He told the American television channel CBS News that he heard the former president talk about disposable devices several times. What’s more: Trump and Bolton themselves are said to have talked about how those burner phones were used by people who do not want to leave behind proof of their contacts.

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