Despite the Coup French Fight Against Jihadists in Mali Continues

Despite the coup in Mali, France is continuing military operations against jihadists in that country. Defense Secretary Florence Parly made it clear that Operation Barkhane will not be shut down.


The Malian military which overthrew the government had already stated that the French operation does not need to be halted.

They say they respect all international agreements. This means that the UN mission MINUSMA can also remain in the country.

France has been fighting violent Muslim extremists in Mali and surrounding countries for years. Operation Barkhane should help stabilize the region ravaged by jihadist violence.

“Operation Barkhane, which the Malian people have called for and for which the UN Security Council has given the green light, continues,” Minister Parly stressed on Twitter.

The ongoing violence in Mali has contributed to the dissatisfaction with the reign of the deposed president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. Soldiers began mutiny on Tuesday and arrested the head of state and other top officials.

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