Court: Moscow Must Compensate Navalny for Arrest in 2012

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is entitled to 8,500 euros in compensation for the wrongful treatment he received in his arrest during a political protest in Moscow in 2012.


The European Court of Human Rights awards that compensation because Navalny used “excessive force”. “was arrested in Bolotnaja Square, as captured online on video.

The square was the centre of significant protests in 2011 and 2012 after the Russian elections.

The Court ruled that the Russian state must also pay EUR 7,500 to fellow demonstrator Vadim Goenko, with whom Navalny filed a joint complaint with the Court in Strasbourg. Navalny has also not received a fair trial, according to the judges.

Navalny now resides in Germany, where he is recovering from novichok poisoning earlier this year, a nerve poison of Russian origin.

The prominent Russian opposition leader claims that Putin is personally responsible for this. The Kremlin has rejected all charges. It is unlikely that Navalny and Goenko can expect Russian compensation.

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