Chief of Staff Optimistic About Trump’s Speedy Arrival at White House

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is optimistic that President Donald Trump will return to the White House later on Monday. Meadows told Fox News he spoke to Trump on Monday.


The president would have said that he recovered even further last night and that he is ready to go back to work. Trump will speak with the attending doctors on Monday who will give him a definite answer.

Trump hopes to increase his chances of reelection with a rapid recovery from the coronavirus. American media say he has lost support with his contamination that has also affected people in his Republican entourage.

White House personnel have been emailed to stay home if they have symptoms suggestive of Covid-19, according to US media. “Please stay at home with throat discomfort, cough, chills, muscle pain, loss of smell or taste, diarrhoea, or trouble breathing.”

Biden is willing to hold the second debate with Trump next week if his rival’s health conditions allow. On Wednesday, Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris and Trump Vice President Mike Pence will debate. Biden visits Miami in Florida on Monday.

According to a poll quoting the Miami Herald, Biden is doing better and better among the many Americans of Hispanic descent. Cuban Latinos generally remain loyal to Republicans, but others are increasingly favouring Democrats.

Trump won Florida with 49 percent of the vote in 2016. That was 1.2 percent more than Hillary Clinton. The Democrats in Florida mainly dominate the densely-populated Southeast, including Miami.

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