Car Deliberately Drives into Carnival Parade in Germany, 30 Injured

In Volkmarsen, a village in the centre of Germany, a car was hit by a carnival parade. 30 people, adults but also children, were injured.


The driver, a German man of 29 years old, has been arrested. According to police, the perpetrator deliberately drove into the crowd. His motive is not yet clear, although there are no indications that it is a political act.

The car drove through several crush barriers into the party procession.

According to an eyewitness, the car would have driven around 30 meters in the mass at high speed before it came to a halt. The emergency services arrived en masse, and the driver was arrested.

The police confirmed that 30 people were injured in the incident, ten of which are in horrible shape.

A third of the victims are children. Some injuries are also life-threatening, but for the time being, no mention has been made of deaths.

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